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Array of Whimsy offers you a beautiful range of unique mindfulness tools for children as well as home decor that will add a quirky and distinctive touch to your home or your childs space. Owned and run (and mostly hand made by me) in Dubbo, NSW.

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Looking after our minds is one of the hardest things to do; and yet it’s perhaps the most crucial skill for us to learn. It’s so easy to let negative thoughts take over, and forget to look for joy, positivity, and calm in the everyday.

My name is Emma, mother of 2, designer and creator of Array of Whimsy which I run from my home in Dubbo NSW, Australia. The majority of my products are made right here by myself. I began designing and building my tools and decor pieces, initially, as a solution to not being able to find height charts I loved for my children. I then realised when creating these pieces there was an opportunity to create other designs to educate my children on the importance of knowing their worth, and could act as a daily reminder that they are loved. I went on to make affirmation banners for their rooms –and from there, Array of Whimsy was born.
Both from my own experiences caring for a family member who was suffering with mental health, and my research into mental wellbeing, I have designed these products to instil in my children that they are loved and important from a young age. It’s never too early to start the journey towards having a positive relationship with your thoughts. But our products are not just for children – mindfulness is a practice that requires work throughout our lives, especially when times get tough.
Array of Whimsy creates height charts, decor, affirmation disks, crystal grids, finger labyrinths and organisational products designed to support children and adults alike on their emotional wellbeing journey from a young age. A little quirky and unique with a touch of whimsy. 
Finger labyrinths are an ancient tool, used by many cultures around the world for meditation and self awareness. Several designs are traditional labyrinths, others were inspired by my children as they showed me different ways to use finger labyrinths with crystals, flowers, shells, and other things they could find, and have been developed to inspire and educate people on the power of calm.
Array of Whimsy is a reflection of my own journey through motherhood and spirituality – and it will continue to evolve over time. Array of Whimsy stands for love and sharing it with others, and through our designs, we want to bring a little bit of peace, calm, and beauty into people’s lives.
Everyone can use a bit of love and kindness in their life and I hope you are able to share a bit of it around in yours.

"The change in our lives begins with the change in our minds. Destiny grows where focus flows" ~Adele Basheer