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Product Care, Maintenance & Safety

Caring for Your Products and Your Safety: At our heart, we create products with love and care, but please remember they are not toys. Treat them gently to avoid any accidental damage or breakage, especially from drops. To keep them safe, avoid placing items above cots or beds and ensure they're out of reach of little hands.

Due to the nature of our craftsmanship, you may find tiny imperfections that add character to our laser-cut items. While these nuances are part of their charm, they're usually only noticeable up close when inspected with a curious eye.

Wall Mounting

Please regard the following advice as a friendly suggestion that suits most needs and situations. For personalized guidance on mounting choices tailored to your home, consider consulting your local hardware experts. Remember, wall types and conditions differ, and we can't anticipate every scenario if an item accidentally falls. Consider Your Paint Selection: In today's interior design world, functional paints like Wash & Wear or EasyClean are all the rage. They bring convenience with their dirt-repellent features thanks to substances like Silicone, Latex, or Teflon. It's worth noting that while they repel dirt, they may also push away adhesives.

Wall Preparation: Before attaching anything, a quick wipe of isopropyl alcohol on your wall can ensure it's spotless and ready for adhesion. Aim to work with a clean, dry surface for the best results.

Adhesives: For wall mounting, we recommend the user-friendly 3M 'picture hanging strips,' facilitating both easy removal and repositioning. If you ever need to part with delicate cutout names secured with these strips, a gentle hand with a butter knife or ruler can safely separate them. While other double-sided tapes can serve the purpose, some might not be repositionable. Verify their compatibility with your wall type. Remember, foam tape is a strong adhesive that might prove challenging to remove without causing damage. For smaller items, consider relying on a generous amount of fresh Blu Tack for a secure hold.

When mounting acrylic cutout names, attach mounting strips to multiple spots for extra security. While affixing your acrylic name to the wall, find that sweet spot where a firm yet gentle touch is all you need to prevent any unwanted cracks or breakage due to excess force.

A Gentle Reminder: Freshly painted walls may need patience. Allow around 30 days for the paint to fully cure before attempting to mount anything on them. Check the paint can for the manufacturer's specific curing time, which differs from drying time.


Acrylic Products 

Before enjoying your acrylic products, take a moment to remove the protective film on the front – it's like unwrapping a little gift! This film might be clear, white, or brown in color and is there to keep your item looking its best. Acrylic, though beautiful, is delicate. To ensure its longevity, handle it with care as it can break or crack if mishandled. Watch out for sharp objects that might scratch its surface. Remember, if you ever need more information or guidance, we're only a message away!

Wooden Products

Step into the world of our wooden creations, handcrafted with love and care using special laser ply sourced from the stunning Australian woods. Each piece is a unique masterpiece, thanks to the 3 or 7mm thick plywood made of fine wood sheets. This robust yet light material is not only durable but easy to maintain. In the rare event that extreme conditions cause the wood to bend or warp, a light spritz of water and gentle flattening under a small weight in a cozy, dry space can work wonders. Just like nature's artistry, wooden products may sport tiny imperfections and charming knots – a true testament to their authenticity. Embrace these natural quirks, for they add character that sets each piece apart. Our wooden treasures are meticulously sanded and lovingly finished with a delightful blend of beeswax and orange oil, unless stated otherwise. Laser-cut with precision, their edges elegantly flaunt a distinct dark hue that adds to their organic allure. We hope these little details warm your heart as much as they do ours. If you have any questions or simply want to chat about our products, don't hesitate to reach out. Your curiosity and care for our creations mean the world to us!

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