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Product Care, Maintenance & Safety

Our products are not designed as a toy and may break with improper handling or if they are dropped. Do not mount items above cots or beds. Keep out of reach of little hands.

Due to the nature of the production processes tiny imperfections may be present. This is a normal aspect of laser cut items however they are usually undetectable unless inspected up close.
Please read the relevant safety info to your purchase below.

Wall Mounting

Please note, the below info is a recommendation only. Please seek advice from your local hardware store for best options suited to your needs. We cannot accept responsibility for damage incurred if item falls from the wall as all wall types and situations vary.

Consider your paint type! The current trend in interior paints are for them to be washable/easy-clean paints (eg Wash & Wear, EasyClean, Endure etc.) These paints contain barrier technology using chemicals such as Silicone, Latex or Teflon which are designed to repel dirt and grime. However please bear in mind this also means they may repel adhesives as well.

Wall Preparation: We suggest cleaning your wall with isopropyl alcohol to ensure walls are dirt and dust free. Adhesives should only be applied to clean and dry walls.

Adhesives: If wall mounting is desired, we recommend using 3M ‘picture hanging strips’ (a 2 piece system that allows for easier removal or repositioning). If trying to remove fragile cutout names adhered with 3M strips, we suggest using a butter knife, ruler, or similar object, to slide between the 2 layers of the 3M strip. This will separate the strips without applying pressure or pulling on the fragile name.

Other double sided tapes may work too but are often a permanent solution. Check for suitability depending on your wall type. Please bear in mind that foam tape is permanent and may damage the product or wall when trying to remove. On smaller items, a good amount of fresh blutak may be an option.

For acrylic cutout names, we suggest adhering mounting strips/tape to as many points as possible. The more the better! When applying your acrylic name to the wall you may need to press firmly to affix to the wall but please be mindful that acrylic is fragile by design and may crack or break with too much pressure or rough handling – so the key is firm but gentle!

Important note: Many adhesives will not stick to freshly painted walls. Walls need approx 30 days for paint to cure. Check paint can for manufacturer’s cure time (cure time is different to re-coat or drying time).


Acrylic Products 

Please remove the protective film on the front before use (this may have already been done for you). The film may be clear, white or brown in colour.

Acrylic is a fragile material. Please handle all acrylic products carefully as acrylic will break or crack if bent, dropped or mishandled. Acrylic surfaces may also scratch if contacted by sharp objects.

Please contact us for more info.


Wooden Products

All our wooden products are made with locally crafted, speciality laser ply from gorgeous Australian woods. The plywood we use is 3 or 7mm thick and is created from multiple fine sheets of wood to create a sturdy yet lightweight material. Plywood is highly durable and can be easily cleaned. In the event that the wood bends or warps in extreme heat or damp, it can be flattened out with a light spray of water (if too dry) and laid out flat under a small weight in a cool, dry place.

As with all natural timbers, minor imperfections and timber ‘knots’ are a normal feature of wood. As these products are finished by hand, no two products will be identical and minor imperfections may be present – we like to think it makes each piece all the more unique!

All our wood products are sanded and finished with a beeswax and orange oil mix unless stated otherwise. Due to the nature of laser cutting the edges of wooden products will have a dark edge.

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